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Sochora, or as I call it, eso-Chora, was inspired by the building it resides in. Formerly my grandmother and grandfather’s house, it was always full of life, laughter and love.

With the help of the unmistakably talented Ifigenia Mataraga , the old furniture was revived with a French country twist to accommodate the most loved and popular Greek brands. Spyros Kanatas, the creative eye behind the photographic lens, transformed this once beloved home, into a premier summer shopping destination in the centre of Chora, Kythira.

Inside you’ll find a treasure trove of unique Greek designer’s creations that are waiting to be discovered. Dive in the waters of Aphrodite’s birthplace, sip on local Fatourada on our terrace overlooking the breathtaking castle and Hytra, and fall in love with a world of fashion and style.

Mari Koroneou

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